Winter Running Festival recap!

On Saturday, I did a 5 kilometre race at the University of Guelph Arboretum. It has been more than a year since my last race – which was the Niagara Falls Marathon… and now I am racing 5 kms??!!? Ah well, I guess I have to get back into it sometime! During this race, I was thinking about how I have forgotten what it feels like to race. Regardless of my fitness (which is obviously less than amazing at the moment), there is something about racing that makes it always hurt. Not consitently, nor relentlessly, but there is a certain type of pain that reminds you of your limitations and capabilities. It is humbling, really. I like it.


I finished 5th in my category, women 20-29, which is less meaningful to me than the fact that I maintained a sub 5-min-kilometre. My time was 24.45, which isn’t amazing, but is fast enough considering I haven’t raced in some time. AND – it was hardly a WINTER running festival. Tons of people were wearing shorts and tanks, as it was a gorgeous day!