Bagels and Bread in One.

Happy New Year! It doesn’t really feel like the New Year because I haven’t done any official goal setting yet. I really should get working on that, although I have to say how much I have enjoyed being on holiday.

I arrived in Ontario yesterday, and start my next placement tomorrow at a teen pregnancy centre. I don’t actually know what I will be doing there, but I look forward to finding out! I felt quite unsettled yesterday, and not much better today.  It makes sense though; moving across the country with a suitcase and a rubbermaid, meeting new roommate(s), learning a bus network and starting a new ‘job’ could all be described as unsettling.

I might as well do something about it then!

My strategy?

Sign up for 2 weeks of unlimited adult dance classes (it turns out I can’t do shanays as well as I could when I was 11) and make bread!  I will write more later on the dance classes!


2 ½ C whole wheat flour

1 ½ Tbsp quick acting yeast

½ Tsp salt

¼ C canola oil (or a similar oil)

¼ C honey

2 C warm water (hand washing warm)

Let sit 20 min (or 15 minutes in the summer) or until roughly doubled in size.

Grease a cookie sheet and a loaf tin while you wait.


1 ½ C whole wheat flour

½ C all purpose flour

…and knead in.

Add all purpose flour until dough is nicely combined and no longer sticky, bringing the edges into the centre and pressing down with the heel of your hand.

Use a serrated knife to divide dough in two.  Continue kneading one half for about five minutes and shape into a loaf, and placing it in the greased tin.


Use the knife to cut the remaining dough into six. It took me a bit of moving dough around until I thought my bagels were an appropriate size. Knead each bagel separately. Follow the same kneading technique, taking the edges into the centre and pressing down with the heel of your hand.


You will likely need to continue adding bits of flour until it is no longer sticky.  Press the ball of dough into your hand like you would a stress ball. Work it like this a few times until the ball of dough is mostly “seamless”, or your stress has all been released.


Put a bit of flour on your fingers and poke a hole in the centre. Use your hands to shape into a bagel, gradually increasing the size of the hole. For all my midwifery and medical friends, I would say approximately 5-6 cm dilated. (I know, I couldn’t help it!) The holes may look big right now, but they will look smaller once the bagels rise a bit more.


Cover the 6 bagels and loaf of bread with a warm, damp tea towel.  Leave to rise about 30 minutes depending on the temperature of your house.  Fill a big pot of water and find a slotted spoon – the big flat, round ones are best.

Heat your oven to 350˚C, and boil the water on the stove top.

The bread will take about 35 min and the bagels ~ 25 min so place the bread in the oven while you boil your bagels.

Since my bagels were pretty big, I boiled them one at a time. Although if you use a bigger pot, you could likely do 2-3 at one time. Make sure your water continues to boil and leave each bagel in the water for about 1 ½ minutes, flipping after 45 seconds.

Remove and place onto your tea towel to absorb the excess water for a couple of minutes, before placing them on your greased cookie sheet. Add to the oven with the bread and enjoy the aroma of bread baking in the oven!


I can’t wait to enjoy one toasted in the morning…but I could also enjoy one now warm out of the oven.

I ate one with butter on half and PB on the other half. There is nothing like butter melting on bread freshly out of the oven.

Two years ago when I made bagels for the first time, I got most of my insight from 17 and baking. I haven’t browsed her blog much, but I did learn a thing or two about making bagels.

Since I am trying to adjust to Ontario time, I should be getting ready for bed soon.

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