Hello World!

I thought I would start out by sharing where the name “Bits and Pieces” was born. I vividly remember packing bags and prepping food  in my little Christchurch, NZ apartment back in 2008, when my friend Lindsay exclaimed in exasperation, “Jennica, you are so bits and pieces!!!”

This is my favourtie photograph of Lindsay. Ever.

I think she was making reference to my numerous little bags, all designated for a special purpose, or to my delicious lunch I had planned for us: fresh chopped veggies in one container, homemade hummus in another, toasted seeds for dipping in a third! It became an ongoing joke that I should write a book about how to use ‘bits and pieces’ to your advantage – bits and pieces in the kitchen, bits and pieces in love etc. So that, ladies and gentlemen, is how this blog began! Like me, this blog will likely be bits and pieces – my interests, my passions, my adventures…I hope you will come navigate some of the bits and pieces of life with me!

Classic bits and pieces lunch


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